Welcome to Gasoline & Grits. We are the Southern and non-academic members of the Hard Crackers editorial board who felt after the death of Noel Ignatiev that a separate project would best keep the spirit of the old Hard Crackers alive. Like it, we will focus on the crisis of everyday life in contemporary America in all its forms and look for the fragile shoots of an alternative society that occasionally break through the general malaise. 

We believe the South has a rich history from Reconstruction to the Civil Rights movement that is worth separate examination and documentation. While our emphasis will be on the South because that is where we live, it will not be our exclusive focus. We are eclectic in our inspiration and are not wedded to any doctrine or creed: We’re intellectual mongrels, not pure-breds. We aim to transcend traditional left/right boundaries and the static forms of liberalism and conservatism. We are not “beyond left and right,” nor are we “neither left or right.” We simply no longer believe those terms are applicable to 21st century America, and are insufficient terms for exploring the possibilities for systemic change.

We are also interested in book, music and film reviews from a radical perspective. “Opinion pieces” will be highly curated.  Check out our latest blogs from the menu in upper right hand corner.